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Analytic services


VUCHT a.s. provides consultation and mediation of the following analyzes:

Development of analytical methods and analytical verification for the development of technological processes

  • analytical checking of inorganic and organic technological processes
  • chemical specialties
  • fertilizers
  • plant protection products
  • rubber chemicals
  • additives to plastics

 Analysis of environmental samples
(Drinking-, surface-, underground- and waste water, soils, sediments and solid waste)

        Determination of:

  • metal content by AAS (flame and electrothermal atomization, hydride technic, high pressure microwave mineralization
  • F-, Cl- 
  • NO3-, NO2-
  • NH4 Nessler reagent
  • organic N, total N in waste water
  • chemical oxygen consumption, Cr
  • acid (neutralizing) capacity(ANC), basic neutralizing capacity (BNC)
  • soluble substances, insoluble substances, total insoluble matter at 105 ° C
  • toxicity test on luminescent bacteria - Vibrio fisheri
  • biochemical oxygen consumption (BOC)

Determination of physicochemical parameters

  • melting point and melting range
  • boiling point
  • relative density
  • conductivity
  • viscosity
  • particle distribution
  • Specific surface

Analysis of oils

  • determination of acid number
  • determination of pour point
  • determination of flash point
  • determination of mechanical impurities
  • determination of water content
  • determination of  deemulgation characteristics
  • determination of deemulgation   number
  • determination of kinematic viscosity in oils 

Other Methods I

  • titration methods (acid-base-, oxidation-reduction-, complexometric-, precipitation methods) direct  or after sample preparation (mineralization, distillation, extraction, decomposition, etc.)
  • determination of metallic content by OES ICP on SpectroBlue from SPECTRO APS
  • thermal analysis DTA, TG
  • determination of water on KF titrator
  • determination of volatile substances, dry matter and ash
  • gravimetric analysis
  • potentiometry
  • spectrophotometric methods (UV-VIS, IR)
  • determination of particle distribution on the laser analyzer
  • determination of kinematic and dynamic viscosity on the Ubbelohde viscometer and on rotary viscometer Rheotest 2
  • determining the refractive index
  • determination of conductivity
  • XRD-automatic X-ray powder diffractometry
  • particle size on electron microscope
  • chromatographic methods - GLC, HPLC
  • identification of substances by PRAGOLAB's GCMS
  • IC Chromatography - cations and anions
  • specific surface area of powders by BET

Other Methods II

  • analysis of steels
  • corrosion consultancy  
  • expert evaluation of  suitability of materials for different applications