History of VUCHT a.s. goes back to the 19th century.   

Establishment of Dynamit Nobel plant in 1873 and creation of its own chemical laboratory in1891. 
Central Chemical Laboratory of DYNAMIT NOBEL factory for its needs. 
Plant research workplace „Research Institute of Dynamit Nobel Chemical Plants“. Research in the field of cellulose fibre technology, regeneration of carbon disulphide in the production of viscose silk and strands, research on the activation of bleaching earths, development of processes for the production of pure chemicals etc. 

Establishment of Biological Department, which was tasked wih monitoring the effects of biologically active substances, was to investigate the action of certain fungi and microorganisms against bacteria and moulds.  
1951 – 1982 
The name changed to Research Institute of Agrochemical Technology (VUAgT). It remained under this name until the end of 1982. 
The Research Institute of Organic Technology was established in  CHZJD, n.p. (Chemical Plants of Georgi Dimitrov, national enterprise = former Dynamit Nobel ), in 1976.

Establishment of the Research Institute of Chemical Technology (VUCHT), research and development organisation based on joining the Research Institute of Organic Technology, n.p. CHZJD and the Research Institute of Agrochemical Technology, Bratislava. 

Joint stock company VUCHT a.s. 
VUCHT a.s. reassumes on the research and development traditions of the above-mentioned Research Institute of Chemical Technology and the Research Institute of Agrochemical Technology.  
Adoption of capacity in full by Duslo, a.s. for research, development and sales promotion.