Research & Development

 Synthesis of new organic substances (focus on amines, amides and imides)


Organic technological research 

Research of processes:

  • hydrogenation
  • alkylation
  • hydrogenating alkylations
  • oxidation
  • cyclization
  • hydroizomerization

Testing, development and characterization of catalysts

 Research of new polymeric substances and their formulations

  • polyvinyl acetate dispersions
  • acrylic dispersions
  • special monomers and polymers

Inorganic technological research

  • granulated and extruded fertilizers   
  • liquid multi-component fertilizers   
  • technology for the production of inorganic salts
  • slow-acting coated fertilizers
  • formulation of fertilizers according to costumer´s requirements     
  • quality evaluation and legislative service
  • material research