What we do

 VUCHT a.s. - Research Institute of Chemical Technology - provides comprehensive services in the field of research and development of technologies for chemical industry, energy and ecology.

We centralize all activities from laboratory research to projection under one roof. Thanks to this we achieve   ideal transfer of information between the different stages of the process.

The portfolio of services covers all processes necessary for the successful development of technologies.

  • basic and applied technology-oriented research in the field of inorganic chemistry, with emphasis on materials and procedures applicable to processes of production of granular fertilizers
  • basic and applied technology-oriented research in the area of organic chemistry, with emphasis on hydrogenation processes such as aniline production, synthesis processes of aromatic diamines and other products and intermadiates with a focus on antioxidants and stabilizers
  • research in the field of ecological utilization of secondary raw materials such as communal waste and sorted plastic waste
  • research and development of preparation processes of chemical substances
  • development of active substances for the field of application of polymers
  • development of additives for the agrochemical sector such as nitrification inhibitors, agents for surface treatment of granular fertilizers
  • design of technological processes
  • optimization of chemical-technological processes
  • pilot testing
  • chemical-engineering modelling, calculations and optimalizations
  • processing of drawing documentation and 3D modelling
  • conceptual designs, basic designs
  • energy auditing
  • small-scale production of chemical specialties 

Own production of chemical specialties is focused on products requiring special skills and knowledge in production, development, quality control, or sales promotion of these products. We take the advantage of high professional level of our staff,   flexible system of organization and   permanent dialogue with our customers.