Projects with financial support from EU funds


Project title:                       Hydrogenation in liquid phase

Period of execution of project activities:     01/2011 - 12/2014
Operation program:           Research and Development
Priority axis:                        2 Support for research and development
Measure:                               2.2 Prenos poznatkov a technológií získaných výskumom
                                               a vývojom do praxe
Call code:                              OPVaV-2009/2.2/05-SORO
ITMS code of the project:     26220220144
Place of execution:               Šaľa, Košice
Recipient:                               VUCHT a.s.
Projekt partner :                     Technical University (TU) of Košice 
                                                (Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Metallurgy)

VUCHT Bratislava, the workplace in  Šaľa managed to get funding for this project  in 2010  and on 3rd Jan.,2011 started to work on it in Šaľa  and at TU in Košice (TUKE). The completion of the project was on 31st Dec.,2014.

It is now possible to evaluate its successful operation. The project was focused on the research of  hydrogenation of aromatic derivatives, namely nitrobenzene to aniline, the preparation of 4-nitroso- and 4-nitrodiphenylamine and their hydrogenation to 4-aminodiphenylamine as an important intermediate for the production of rubber chemicals, hydrogenation of aniline to cyclohexylamine,  which is also used for the production of rubber chemicals, etc. The focus was on research of the preparation and characterization of catalysts, on the search for optimal reaction conditions as well as the design of hydrogenation reactors, and on the associated separation stages and the design of the global (original) technological arrangement. 
Project data: Total cost of 3.13 million , of which non-repayable financial contribution: 2.67 million  , for VUCHT: 1.48 million   and for TUKE 427,000
An important activity and a contribution to the VUCHT infrastructure is the construction of an experimental model unit, which received a non-repayable financial contribution of 598,000 EUR.  68 resolvers attended the project, 14 of them were up to 35 years of age, and a total of 30 women. 
The results are documented (and stored in VUCHT and TUKE libraries) in 96 Technical Reports, 40 protocols and are proved in 9 monitoring reports. 4 articles were published in major scientific journals (so-called  current content journals  - CC), 5 articles in  non-CC magazines. 12 lectures and 12 posters were presented  at international conferences, 6 lectures and 9 posters at home conferences and symposia during the 4-year period. Two workshops  were organized: in 2012,  Košice: Using the contrAA 700 analyzer to solve the project: hydrogenation in liquid phase; in 2013, Šaľa: Impact of equipment and reaction conditions on catalytic processes. An application of one invention has been prepared.