Quality system

Quality management system

VUCHT a.s. is a research institute oriented to basic, chemical, application and technological research in the field of chemistry and chemical technology, which has an established and maintained quality management system according to the international standard ISO 9001. The functionality of the system is confirmed by supervision and recertification audits. The subject of QMS is: research, development, production and sale of chemical specialties for various fields of industrial use, sale of licenses, pre-project preparation and provision of analytical services

The management's goal is to ensure the company's comprehensive development and prosperity by  systematic management of quality processes, to satisfy customers´ requirements and to ensure social security for the company´s employees.

The policy of quality is binding for all employees of the company.

Responsible Care - RC 

The RC program is a worldwide commitment of the chemical industry to reconcile activities from the point of view of safety and protection of human health and the environment. The aim of RC is to increase responsible environmental care continuously, work safety in the production, use and distribution of chemical commodities, to care about the health of our own employees and employees of the company's customers.

VUCHT a.s. has elaborated and implemented an RC  Program, where it declares its obligations:
  • to provide advice to customers on the safe use, transport and handling of chemical products manufactured by VUCHT a.s.
  • to inform relevant authorities and the public about potential health or environmental hazards in frame of valid legislation
  • to cooperate  with governmental institutions in the development of legislation in the field of  occupational  safety   and environment
Safety and health protection at work 

The management's sustained effort in VUCHT a.s. with regard to health and safety at work is: to have safe working environment, healthy staff and zero accident rates. 

Compliance with security regulations in a company is not only an obligation of all employees, but a conscious form of behaviour protecting not only own life and health, but also the life and health of  co-workers.


Certificate of quality ISO 9001:2015 

Certificate of competence for research and development

RC certificate